5 things you need to know about Tracy

1. Tracy once rubbed shoulders with Brad Pitt. Yes, she literally rubbed her shoulder against his as he passed her in a VIP room at the premiere of Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. She managed to get into the VIP room because she was working in PR after getting her English degree at Royal Holloway, University of London.

2. Tracy got attacked by a kangaroo. Okay, ‘attacked’ might be a bit of an exaggeration. It tried to jump on her back while she was in Australia. Why was she in Australia? She was writing an article for the travel magazine she edited, a job she got after impulsively quitting PR one day. Sure, she loved the PR world, especially all the parties she attended while sipping champagne and eating all the canapes the stick-thin models bypassed. But she’d always dreamed of writing so quit her job to retrain as a journalist.

3. Tracy’s wrote her first novel The Atlas of Us after doing a short Open University course. That course was the OU’s Starting writing fiction course (now offered for free here), which she did while working for university in the department responsible for co-producing popular series with the BBC such as Frozen Planet, Stargazing LIVE and Coast (see the Author Connections map she oversaw there). She then went on to work in the OU’s social media team and is now leaving all that behind to pursue writing full-time.

4. Tracy has a one-eyed Jack Russell called Archie. He has a starring role in The Atlas of Us, though when he got a copy of the novel, he didn’t seem too bothered. A sniff, a huff then back to chewing his paw. He rules the roost in Tracy’s house just outside Milton Keynes alongside Tracy’s toddler Scarlett. They are King and Queen of the Buchanan household, Tracy and her husband their humble servants.

5. Tracy is addicted to Lypsyl. It’s been an addiction of hers since childhood. She owns about a hundred Lypsyls but can never seem to find one when she desperately needs to. One of her friends believes this addiction suggests psychotic tendencies. Tracy disagrees but may one day write about a Lypsyl-addicted serial killer. Watch this space…

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Tracy Buchanan
Tracy Buchanan

How Tracy got into writing

Right from the moment she could put pen to paper, Tracy has been passionate about writing, even butchering her mum’s catalogues for character scrapbooks.

She’s written a number of novels (including a young adult novel about a shapeshifter!), but it wasn’t until she wrote The Atlas of Us, a novel she wrote after giving up on the idea of being published, that she got her first UK publishing deal with HarperCollins. She discovered she got this deal when her daughter was just a few weeks ago, then had to write her second novel My Sister’s Secret during maternity leave… talk about a challenge!

She now dedicates most of her days to writing and plans to churn out lots more novels.

How Tracy got published

After Tracy perfected her novel The Atlas of Us, she made a list of agents. One of them was Caroline Hardman but when she went to query her, she noticed she was closed to submissions. But a week or so later, she saw Caroline was tweeting about book titles. She responded to Caroline’s tweet and they began chatting until Caroline invited Tracy to submit to her. Just a few days after, Caroline read all of The Atlas of Us and offered Tracy representation. They worked together to make the novel as perfect as they could and one editor saw its potential: Eli Dryden who was at HarperCollins at the time. The rest is history…

Tracy Buchanan

A pacy read … A great book to take to the beach!

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An ambitious and deeply poignant story that will take you into another world.