It’s been over a year now since I left my job to write full-time and wow, what a year! I’ve had two novels published in the UK, No Turning Back and recently, Her Last Breath. Plus No Turning Back came out in the US too. My Sister’s Secret continues to do brilliantly across the pond as well and I’ve launched a Facebook campaign to make sure even more readers know about it.

I was also delighted to sign another two book contract with my UK publishers, HarperCollins, which is such a joy and relief as you never quite know what the future holds in this unpredictable writing biz! This means I can continue to ensure my readers get the chance to delve into two more novels, the first of which will be out in the UK next summer and hopefully the US too.

I am crazy excited about this one. All I can say at this stage is there will be caves and cults in it, and I wrote it in a frenzy. I really truly think it’s my best novel yet and I have some exciting plans for it next year so watch this space… this might include a e-novella offering an update of what happens to Willow and Ajay in My Sister’s Secret.

For research, I visited a beautiful place called Broadstairs on the UK’s south east coast, staying in a hotel overlooking the stunning Botany Bay. I did lots of research into caves… and might have consumed the odd chocolate cake or two. You can see a pic from my adventures above.

That’s it for now. My dog Bronte is scratching at the door to go out!

Until next time! Tracy