fullsizerenderThe smell of smoke in the air, leaves drifting merrily down to the sodden ground, hot chocolates and big fluffy jumpers. Oh, and Halloween!

Yes, autumn, what a great season and one most writers adore. By our nature, we like to curl up indoors and dream up stories. There’s something about the gloomy days, the blood red leaves and the chill of a dying summer that inspires us. Above is a scene from just near my house, look at those leaves!

Things have been going well in the Buchanan household this autumn. I’ve been writing full-time for nearly 5 months now and in that time, I’ve nearly finished the first draft of my novel that’s due out with HarperCollins next June, revised an old novel I wrote which I’ve always had a soft spot for… and written a short story for Halloween! If you want to read it, all you need to do it sign up for my enewsletter by 31st October and the story will drop into your inbox very soon.

In other news, I was delighted when No Turning Back hit the Kindle no 2 spot (oh-so-close to no 1…!), My Sister’s Secret got the Kobo no 1 spot in Australia and also hit shelves in Denmark with lots of great reviews from readers there already.

And speaking of readers, what am amazing bunch you are! Daily I receive emails, tweet and Facebook messages from readers who are adoring my books. I received a lovely one lately where a reader said she’d read My Sister’s Secret ten times The Atlas of Us six times! She added: ‘I love your books so much I can’t put it in words. I just want to read them all the time. In school on the bus at home. Everywhere. So just thank you for writing these books and please write more in the future.’

I will write more! Things are going well but I’m always conscious this luxury of writing full-time (a luxury gained by bloomin’ hard work!) might not last forever. The only way I find I can deal with that is write more. Write, write, write and write well as the best chance a writer has of getting anywhere is to produce more stuff for hungry readers…

This week though, the writing won’t be so intense as I’m heading to Birmingham to watch Frozen on Ice with my little girl then attending LOTS of Halloween parties. I’ll be going as a witch, keep an eye on my social media accounts for some pics…

I hope you enjoy my short story anyway and autumn too!